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One of the most challenging programs available to the students at Pearland High School is the Army JROTC program. JROTC stands for 'Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.' Its focus is reflected in its mission statement, "To motivate young people to become better citizens."

JROTC is a very exciting course that challenges the mind, body, and will. This program is a class that teaches leadership: what it is and what it takes to be a good leader. Self-discipline, proper conduct, and respect for others are essential elements of leadership.

JROTC offers many different activities, such as the Non-Service and Armed-Service Drill teams, Color Guard, and Raiders team. These teams compete in different competitions against many other JROTC programs.

Everyweek, the cadets in the JROTC program go through coursework, inspection, Drill ceremony, and physical training (PT). The standard routine for the cadet's week starts with the first day back from the weekend or holiday as a coursework day, whether it be Monday or Tuesday. Coursework includes everything from English to learning how to read maps and giving a briefing. On any normal week, Wednesday is the Inspection Day. Cadets are expected to wear their uniform (Class B unless otherwise specified) and be prepared for any question they might be asked. Normally, Friday are PT days.

JROTC can be a very exciting and a fun experience for anyone who's willing to dedicate their time to better themselves.
A Message From the Battalion Commander
I was assigned as the Oiler Battalion Officer on 17 May, 2005; I've had a continued level of dedication to this program since my freshman year. During these past 3 years, I've realized more and more the worth and value of this program. We have a great bunch of hardworking and dedicated cadets, and there is no readon why we shouldn't excel in every way. Last year we proved ourselves by our great performance on the Federal Inspection, this year we will prove ourselves in all other firleds as well.


Cadet MAJ Saadan Ahsan
CO Oiler Battalion

A Message From the Battalion XO
Howdy, Oiler Battalion! This is Jonathan Grossman, your Executive Officer for the year. I want to thank all of you for being in the program, and I hope we'll have another outstanding battalion this year, just as we did last year. To those of you returning, welcome back, and to those of you joining for the first time, welcome. You'll soon find out what this program is about. I joined because I thought it was going to be a lot of fun, and because I want to become a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force. If you're willing to put a little effort into the program, it is indeed a lot of fun, and you get a lot out of it. You'll gain leadership skills, motivation, and confidence, along with making new friendships that might last you a lifetims. We're always looking for dedicated cadets, and those cadets for far, both in the program and later in life. All you need to exceed in both area is a little bit of discipline. I lok forward to this year, and I know all of you shall perform well. God bless, and hoo-ah!

Cadet CPT Jonathan Grossman
Oilier Battalion XO

A Message From the Command Sergeant Major
Hello everyone, I am Cadet Larry Kelley, known as the Command Sergeant Major. Also, I am the commander of Color Guard. I look forward to meeting everyone this year and seeing all the new cadets around. I wish everyone luck and to remember to always work hard towards your goals.

Cadet CSM Larry Kelley